Why Micro Data Center is the best choice to build your on-premise hybrid cloud data center?

As the industry coming to new cloud/edge on-premise IT architecture, we need to consider a new method to build your on-premise data center that is flexible, quick to deploy and scale with your business grows. That's where Prefabricated Micro Data Center can help us. Imagine that you will build your on-premise hybrid cloud data center with: Predicted Quality The factory [...]

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Ashrae Application Guide for Edge Computing

While the edge computing is getting more and more attention from industry, Ashrae is also diving into this topic with a application guide <Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation>, which applies to below edge data centers per Ashrae suggestion: • Modular data centers fabricated from steel shipping containers • Prefabricated edge pods • Small stand-alone brick-and-mortar data centers • Phone-booth-sized [...]

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TIA Position Paper – Edge Data Centers

Data center is facing enormous challenges and opportunities brought by new technologies and new demands. The development and application of 5G, AI and IoT technology put forward new requirements for data center. We need to rethink how traditional data centers are designed and deployed. To meet the needs of low latency and localization, deploying many smaller distributed data centers, often [...]

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Requirements of Server HW for Edge Computing

With the rapid development of 5G technology, high-bandwidth and low-latency network transmissions are possible, which will bring more edge computing scenarios to the ground. Faced with distributed edge computing scenarios, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and IT hardware are all different from current cloud computing infrastructure. In OCP summit, NOKIA has proposed server hardware solutions for application scenarios of edge data [...]

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What Is Micro Data Center

When people think about the data center, they always think that in a very large building. There are a lot of cabinets neatly arranged, cabinets filled with servers, and servers are shining positive light. It looks cool. A data center is a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. What is [...]

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When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution

We happily prepared an industry application guide: <When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution> for your kind information. Download here. Happy new year and wish you a great 2019 to start! Why Edge Computing Needs Micro Data Center? For many services, however, placing micro data centers on the edge is not just a matter of convenience, but necessity. Self-driving cars, [...]

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2019 Predictions of Data Center Industry

At the end of 2018, while we are planning the year of 2019, we collected several industry predictions from the reliable sources. For your kind reference. NetworkWorld - 10 predictions for the data center and the cloud in 2019 Learn more detail here -> 1. Edge computing matures but needs a business model 2. Water cooling expands 3. More AI [...]

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Nature: How to stop data centres from gobbling up the world’s electricity

In this article from Nature, the ICT industry is climbing up rapidly with the energy consumption. "one of the most worrying models predicts that electricity use by ICT could exceed 20% of the global total by the time a child born today reaches her teens, with data centres using more than one-third of that (see ‘Energy forecast’)". Turning to hyperscale [...]

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IDC: Top 10 Data Center Predictions

1. Smart edge data centers By 2021, critical infrastructure in half of enterprise data centers will be operating autonomously while use of autonomous IT in intelligent edge locations will be even greater as organizations seek to link core and edge resources to support digital transformation initiatives. 2. Facilities modularity By 2021, the expanded use of power-hungry accelerated computing technologies will [...]

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