Still Hesitant to Adopt Liquid Cooling for Server? – ATTOM’S OceanCool Liquid Immersion Cooling

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For decades, liquid cooling has been gradually adopted in many industries to manage heat dissipation. It is so far recognized the most energy-efficient cooling solution, up to 50-70 kw per rack,  and lowers the PUE of data center to under 1.3, aligning with the current appeal of greener data center.  Moreover,  it caters for  application scenarios. For instance, the server is submersed in immersive tanks, the liquid immersion cooling is suitable for the scenario which lacks a traditional raised floor and CRAC facility, even more resistant to harsh environment, preventing the critical devices from damage caused by moisture, heat and dust.

Of course, there are some concerns about liquid cooling adoption as well. Firstly, is liquid immersion cooling compatible with their existing hardwares? If not, the high cost of specific critical devices and modification triggers the operators to rethink if it deserves; The operation complexity varies from air cooling, thus requires higher technical expertise for staff to maintenance. For another reason, they cannot afford the potential risk of liquid leakage and faults on devices.

ATTOM is dedicated to innovating in energy-saving products to empower the low-carbon transformation of digital infrastructure. Here are How Attom’s green thermal system – OceanCool liquid immersion cooling fulfills the goal:

  • Immersive tanks up to 50kW per tank, 20ft container can accommodate 12 immersion liquid tanks, capable of handling a 1.5MW capacity, thus allowing compact rack density to support computing demand;
  • The immersive tanks with plug-and-play modular design is easy to scalable.Strong compatibility with existing systems allows expansion of modules in existing DC’s for gradually deployment, best suited for growing business models;
  • Built in fluid temperature, fluid leak detection, and alarm notifications,  safeguard the safety of the server and other critical components.

Besides, there are two standard tank layouts for different application scenarios. C series rack mounted type for computer room layout, and S series for container data center, all of which enhance utilization of space; And refrigeration systems, dimensions and designs support customization.

In the era of data centers and AI, there’s a noticeable trend towards adopting liquid cooling technologies,driven by their core advantages — high efficiency. During this transformative era of liquid cooling, ATTOM is developing total solutions with green thermal management systems. Through continuous innovation, ATTOM is committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers and is dedicated to creating a sustainable digital future!



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