IDC: Top 10 Data Center Predictions

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IDC Prediction DC

1. Smart edge data centers

By 2021, critical infrastructure in half of enterprise data centers will be operating autonomously while use of autonomous IT in intelligent edge locations will be even greater as organizations seek to link core and edge resources to support digital transformation initiatives.

2. Facilities modularity

By 2021, the expanded use of power-hungry accelerated computing technologies will have forced most major data center operators to adopt a modular approach to deploying power/cooling assets in their facilities.

3. Hybrid IT operations

By the end of 2019, 70% of companies engaged in digital transformation efforts will be struggling to translate business needs into effective IT investments and operations plans, forcing them to alter staff hiring targets to ensure they have the advanced skill sets needed to build digital supply chains.

4. Digital-ready campus

By 2021, over 50% of companies in consumer-facing industries will spend more annually on upgrades to their network, computing, and storage resources in edge locations than on upgrades in their core data centers.

5. Data center modernization
6. Workload rationalization
7. Consumption-based IT
8. Data controls
9. Software-defined IT
10. Service assurance

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