Micro Data center Market will Grow from USD 4.2 Billion in 2019 to USD 27.36 Billion by 2027

The micro data center market is expected to grow from USD 4.2 billion in 2019 to USD 27.36 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 26.4% during the forecast period 2020-2027. A small or containerized data center architecture designed for computer workloads without any traditional facilities requirements is known as a micro data center. It is a small-scale modular data [...]

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DELL: How 5G Transforms Cloud Computing

In this article, Dell believes 5G and cloud computing together will be transforming central data center and remote edge data centers, and it discussed all aspects of ICT industry which may be emerging with the 5G coming, from NFV, SDN, MEC, Telco Cloud, Micro Data Center and 5G Cloudlets. It predicts the industry will need many micro data centers at [...]

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Why Micro Data Center is the best choice to build your on-premise hybrid cloud data center?

As the industry coming to new cloud/edge on-premise IT architecture, we need to consider a new method to build your on-premise data center that is flexible, quick to deploy and scale with your business grows. That's where Prefabricated Micro Data Center can help us. Imagine that you will build your on-premise hybrid cloud data center with: Predicted Quality The factory [...]

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IoT and Micro Data Center for Enterprise Needs

At Attom, we strongly believe the values of IoT, that when all the sensors and the edge applications are connected and functioning, they will create the values far more than we imagine. And when this wave comes real, the micro data center will be everywhere. This is also predicted by Deloitte, who clearly stated this trend in this report: "Enterprises [...]

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Condensate: Important but Neglected Issue of Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center (MDC) products are designed to meet the needs of modern IT infrastructure deployment, to achieve rapid construction and optimized management. MDC adopts an integrated design to package multiple key systems such as rack, uninterrupted power supply, precision cooling, DCIM & local monitoring, and security systems, as a total pre-engineered solution. MDC products with the above features are [...]

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Business Opportunities of Edge Computing for Hardware Companies from McKinsey

Do you know the edge computing hardware business values 200Billion USD in next 5-10 years per McKinsey estimation? What business opportunities you may benefit in this industry wave? Check here what McKinsey detected the more than 100 use cases and 11 sectors that will adopt edge computing technology. Why edge computing is important for so many industries and what drives [...]

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Micro Data Center – The Future Ready Choice for Modern Enterprise IT

Over the last several years, the move to the cloud has stabilized as the applications that could be easily and cost effectively outsourced, were moved to the cloud. The applications left on premise are simply too integrated into local operations or too expensive to move. This forced a change to the way data center staffs manage their assets with some [...]

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Questionnaires for Micro Data Center Design

The micro data center is a standalone data center has all the functions of a traditional room type data center. Its quite different from traditional data center building method. As a trusted professional partner of Micro data center (MDC) products, what questions and information shall you ask and collect from customers? Check below the question checklist we prepared for you [...]

Better Protection of Micro Data Centers with Intelligent Access Control System

Security for micro data centers is especially important as the Micro Data Center products are often used in unattended or open scenarios, other than traditionally in a controlled dedicated room. That's why at Attom we adopt the most advanced access control systems to protect your valuable IT assets. Multiple access method: fingerprint, password and RFID; Personnel rights management; Remote door [...]

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TIA Position Paper – Edge Data Centers

Data center is facing enormous challenges and opportunities brought by new technologies and new demands. The development and application of 5G, AI and IoT technology put forward new requirements for data center. We need to rethink how traditional data centers are designed and deployed. To meet the needs of low latency and localization, deploying many smaller distributed data centers, often [...]

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