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We are standing at an important tuning point, where we need to use the most advanced and reliable technologies to build data centers into the Energy Efficient and Carbon Neutral way. While the data centers in prefabricated way will give us the flexibility to integrate the best eco-friendly technologies while keep them optimized within the solutions. 

We here proudly introduce our AgileCub Container Data Center solutions now readily integrated with the AgileBlue green cooling solution. This new introduced cooling technology has these benefits:

  • Working with pump refrigerant mode greatly saving energy in cooler seasons. The peak EER goes upto 28.9 comparing to 3.9 of normal operation mode.
  • The solutions don’t use water for cooling, which also contributing to water-friendly environmental consideration.
  • The system keeps compact footprint, minimizing the complexity of installation and maintenance.
  • The indirect free cooling mode does not bring outside air into room, reducing the risk of air side contaminates make IT equipments fail.
  • Intelligent control system, with deep debugging, optimized performance, and remote monitoring and management.

We are also receiving the patents protection from China, USA with these innovation technologies. The solution is now available for APAC, EMEA, and LATAM regions.

About Attom

Attom Technology is a leading provider of prefabricated data center products with green efficiency.
Attom Technology’s misssion is to build Sustainable Foundation for Digital Furture.
Attom Technology founded by a team of engineers.


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