Requirements of Server HW for Edge Computing

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With the rapid development of 5G technology, high-bandwidth and low-latency network transmissions are possible, which will bring more edge computing scenarios to the ground. Faced with distributed edge computing scenarios, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and IT hardware are all different from current cloud computing infrastructure.

In OCP summit, NOKIA has proposed server hardware solutions for application scenarios of edge data centers, which including:

  • Compact single socket servers optimized for far edge deployment
  • High efficiency for I/O intensive applications with moderate RAM and compute requirement
  • Compact and fault tolerant design
  • Fits into rack with limited depth

The detail presentation of this Nokia’s Requirements of Server HW for Edge Computing could be find here. [Source: OCP]

In addition to the IT side changes, the edge computing infrastructure side (cabinet, cooling, power, monitoring) also need to be edge oriented, to make the mobile edge computing(MEC) solution more portable, more robust, more manageable, and more efficient:

  • Modular and scalable for easy of duplication and management.
  • Efficient and economical for low TCO of mass deployment.
  • Robust to all weather application from -40C ~ 55C for global deployment.
  • Secure for the safety of critical assets.
  • Intelligent remote monitoring for easy of predictive maintenance.

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