Still Hesitant to Adopt Liquid Cooling for Server? – ATTOM’S OceanCool Liquid Immersion Cooling

For decades, liquid cooling has been gradually adopted in many industries to manage heat dissipation. It is so far recognized the most energy-efficient cooling solution, up to 50-70 kw per rack,  and lowers the PUE of data center to under 1.3, aligning with the current appeal of greener data center.  Moreover,  it caters for  application scenarios. For instance, the server [...]

IBM – What Is Edge Computing?

Everyone believes the edge computing going to be taking place, just as Gartner estimates that by 2025, 75% of data will be processed outside the traditional data center or cloud. From bank branches, to retail stores, to logistic hub, and in a manufacturing factory. All industries can benefit from the edge computing technologies by having edge servers in a micro [...]

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DELL: How 5G Transforms Cloud Computing

In this article, Dell believes 5G and cloud computing together will be transforming central data center and remote edge data centers, and it discussed all aspects of ICT industry which may be emerging with the 5G coming, from NFV, SDN, MEC, Telco Cloud, Micro Data Center and 5G Cloudlets. It predicts the industry will need many micro data centers at [...]

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Ashrae Application Guide for Edge Computing

While the edge computing is getting more and more attention from industry, Ashrae is also diving into this topic with a application guide <Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation>, which applies to below edge data centers per Ashrae suggestion: • Modular data centers fabricated from steel shipping containers • Prefabricated edge pods • Small stand-alone brick-and-mortar data centers • Phone-booth-sized [...]

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The Maturity Curve of Edge Computing

A report on Edge Computing from Gartner, may give you a deeper understanding of Edge Computing and inspire you how to respond to the development of Edge Computing. Get the complete report here: >> "Hype Cycle for Edge Computing" Edge Computing is regarded by many as an exaggerated, fuzzy-defined computing model, usually related to the Internet of Things. In fact, [...]

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The Fourth Wave Rises: Edge Computing

Edge computing has ushered in the fourth wave of computing. This distributed compute model executes data analysis and processing close to the data source. According to Gartner, 20 billion devices will make up the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. Approximately 6 billion of those devices will be dedicated to driving efficiencies in business, healthcare, science, and government. 1 This [...]

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IoT and Micro Data Center for Enterprise Needs

At Attom, we strongly believe the values of IoT, that when all the sensors and the edge applications are connected and functioning, they will create the values far more than we imagine. And when this wave comes real, the micro data center will be everywhere. This is also predicted by Deloitte, who clearly stated this trend in this report: "Enterprises [...]

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Business Opportunities of Edge Computing for Hardware Companies from McKinsey

Do you know the edge computing hardware business values 200Billion USD in next 5-10 years per McKinsey estimation? What business opportunities you may benefit in this industry wave? Check here what McKinsey detected the more than 100 use cases and 11 sectors that will adopt edge computing technology. Why edge computing is important for so many industries and what drives [...]

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