When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution

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We happily prepared an industry application guide: <When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution> for your kind information. Download here. Happy new year and wish you a great 2019 to start!

Why Edge Computing Needs Micro Data Center?

For many services, however, placing micro data centers on the edge is not just a matter of
convenience, but necessity. Self-driving cars, smart industrial IoT, medical devices, traffic
management tools, and a host of other applications depend on real-time access to both
information and analytics results. Without direct access to nearby compute and storage
resources, these functions will see their performance degrade by multiple orders of magnitude,
sometimes even with life-threatening consequences.

A micro data center is modular or containerized and smaller than a computer room — typically
multiple racks or less. All required IT functionalities are contained in the micro data center,
designed to handle your specific needs at distributed locations and typically managed from a
larger data center.

What’s the Micro Data Center Benefits?

Micro Data Center which is capable of being deployed as close as possible to the edge of
the network, in comparison to traditional centralized data centers. Capable of performing
the same functions as centralized data centers although at smaller scale individually.
Because of the unique constraints created by highly-distributed physical locations, edge
data centers often adopt autonomic operation, multi-tenancy, distributed and local resiliency
and open standards. For some companies, having a data center just feet away rather than
miles away can actually reduce latency. When milliseconds matter in applications that
depend on critically low latency, a Micro Data Center can be the answer.

Attom Micro Data Center Platform

Attom Technology is dedicated to design and deliver the Micro Modular Data Center Product Platform, with
the No.1 Flexible and Versatile options, to simplify Edge Data Centers deployment and management.

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