Still Hesitant to Adopt Liquid Cooling for Server? – ATTOM’S OceanCool Liquid Immersion Cooling

For decades, liquid cooling has been gradually adopted in many industries to manage heat dissipation. It is so far recognized the most energy-efficient cooling solution, up to 50-70 kw per rack,  and lowers the PUE of data center to under 1.3, aligning with the current appeal of greener data center.  Moreover,  it caters for  application scenarios. For instance, the server [...]

Ashrae’s New Thermal Guideline Update: A New High Density Trend

The most recent version of the ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines includes a new class of IT equipment called the H1 envelope. The H1 envelope is a new class of IT equipment that was introduced in the 2021 ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines. H1 systems are high-density systems that tightly integrate a number of high-powered components, such as server processors, accelerators, memory chips, and [...]

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Ashrae Application Guide for Edge Computing

While the edge computing is getting more and more attention from industry, Ashrae is also diving into this topic with a application guide <Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation>, which applies to below edge data centers per Ashrae suggestion: • Modular data centers fabricated from steel shipping containers • Prefabricated edge pods • Small stand-alone brick-and-mortar data centers • Phone-booth-sized [...]

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Maximize Efficiency of Existing Cooling System in Data Center

As the service life of a data center increases, more and more IT equipment is usually added to run the business, and the corresponding cooling conditions may not be able to meet existing requirements. This will cause the ambient temperature of the data center to rise rapidly, affecting IT Normal operation of the device. Especially in traditional room-level cooling data [...]

Questionnaires for Micro Data Center Design

The micro data center is a standalone data center has all the functions of a traditional room type data center. Its quite different from traditional data center building method. As a trusted professional partner of Micro data center (MDC) products, what questions and information shall you ask and collect from customers? Check below the question checklist we prepared for you [...]

How to Maximize Your IT Space of Containerized Micro Data Center

With the vigorous development of 5G, IoT, edge computing and other information technologies, the data center industry is in a period of rapid development. The micro data center oriented to edge computing will promote the faster and better landing of edge computing, and promote the information process of the whole society. AgileCub Container Edge Data Center adopts SmoothAir hanging wall [...]

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