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SmoothAir – Wall Mount Precision Cooling

With its compact and weatherproof construction, all-in-one design and factory prefabricated and testing, provide reliable and sustainable operation in any outdoor conditions. Available in indirect and direct free cooling configuration, which further improve energy efficiency. Moreover, its wall and roof mount compatibility ensuring maximal IT space utilization.

Suited for: Telecom Shelters, Container Data Centers, Battery Storage Systems, etc.
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Advanced Green Efficiency Free Cooling Platform

During periods of low outdoor temperatures, change to free cooling mode, utilizing the cold outdoor air for cooling without the need for compressor operation.Resulting in minimized energy consumption and cost savings.

Direct Free Cooling with Hybrid Free Air Technology

  • PUE low to 1.1.
  • Compatible with wall cool and top cool system.
  • Automatic mode switching, and simplified installation.

Indirect Free Cooling with Refrigerant Pump Technology

  • PUE low to 1.2.
  • No water consumption during free cooling mode.
  • No water loop introduced into server room, no flooding concern.
  • Indirect type No dust, moisture concern.
  • Automatic mode switching, and no complex maintenance and service.

High Flexibility

Self-contained design ensure easy transportation and deployment.

Whether your business is an edge telecom shelter,or a modular container data center. we can provide more flexible solutions for your projects with our wide range of cooling capacity.

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Sustainable Energy Efficiency

  • Top components from leading brands and unique design assure high reliability of products.
  • Inverter compressor and EC fan with intelligent control system ensure precise temperature control.
  • Available in wall mount or top mount of modular data center, it is fully compatible with hot and cold aisle systems to provide an efficient cooling environment.
  • Optional direct and indirect free cooling configuration for minimizing the energy consumption of the cooling system.
  • Optional 48VDC power standby module for fan & controller & free cool system, support continuous air circulation during main power loss.

Intelligent Control System

  • Industry leading smart control system, with insightful sensor data and intelligent control logics.
  • All digital control to major components, maintaining optimum working status, and flexible adjustment per onsite working conditions.
  • 1000+ alarm records, and 7days history pressure curve records, 7days history temperature curve records.
  • Smart monitoring protocols: Web/SNMP/Modbus/Bac-net/Email/Dry contact/IPV6.
  • Teamwork function including Master/Slave Working mode, Master Control mode and Force Working mode.
  • Built in web server support visit with web-browser from computers and mobile devices, can view ,control unit through web.

Key Components

Inverter Compressor

Inverter compressor adjusting capacity of whole system per heat load requirement, saving energy during part load application. Working up to 55C ambient with R134a refrigerant option.

EC Fan

EC Fan modulates airflow precisely matching heat load while saving energy by adjusting fan speed.

Electronic Expansion Valve

EEV (electronic expansion valve) precisely maintain the refrigerant flow in the efficient way reducing the compressor/pump power consumption.

Dynamic Actuator

Intelligent controller automatically monitoring ad adjusting the components outputs in the optimized balance.

Resources Download

Product Brochure
Attom SmoothAir Wall Mount Cooling Brochure
User Manual
Attom SmoothAir Modular Cooling User Manual

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