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We Believe the World is Being Totally Connected with Digital Intelligence

We create Prefabricated Micro Data Center to build foundation of digital future.

AgileHub 2.0 – Shelter Modular Data Center Solution

Continual Innovation, Continuous Optimization.

From the 5G era, the demand for mixed deployments of DC and AC power devices presents new challenges for the telecom industry. As experts in the field of modular data centers, we closely track the trends of the digital future, focusing on the challenges faced by telecom operators and data center managers. Our innovative AgileHub solutions effectively addresses mixed-power issues, offering you energy-efficient, convenient, and flexible configurations to better meet both your current and future needs.

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Flexible Cutomization

  • 24U to 42U cabinet with IP65 protected space with all kinds of critical aspects, access control and video monitoring options.
  • Compact outdoor cabinet with built-in standard 19’’ frame, match for most types IT equipment’s installation.
  • Support multiple power system with 48VDC rectifier and AC UPS.

Green Efficiency

  • Better cooling efficiency with wall/rack/Inrow cooling system.
  • Separated cold/hot air management enhance more energy efficiency.
  • High efficient components including inverter compressors, EC fans and green refrigerant.

Smart Management

  • Smart monitoring system fully communicate with all aspects, integration with access control system, provided real-time data at all times.
  • Local and remote monitoring protocol for easy centralized management and continuous monitoring.

Quick Deployment

  • Rugged designs suitable for all environments and applications. Outdoors, rooftops, warehouses, oil rigs, remote sites, can provision in any location with no pre-investment.
  • All-in-one design, factory prefab and commissioning enable fast deployment.
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Optimized Efficiency Cooling with Optional AC / DC Power Input

  • 48VDC and 208-240VAC input power type for optional.
  • High dust/water protection rated in package wall mount design, no occupying of U space.
  • Powder coated sheet metal endures harsh environment
  • Green refrigerant is highly efficient and no ODP.
  • Special design working upto -40C~55C.

Adaptable Hybird Power Solutions Ensure Safety at All Moments

  • Utilizing a 48VDC rectifier combined with an optional EPS inverter power module, support equipment with AC power input. Using the same backup battery system, save U-space and reduces investment costs.
  • Rectifier module / Solar module for options, support multiple types power input.
  • Rack mount AC UPS system upto 60kVA in only 4U height, saving more space for IT equipment.
  • Standard 19’’ rack mount design.
  • Equipped with high performance Lithium-iron battery, provide reliable protection.
  • Support remote monitoring with multi-channel serial port, dry contact, and network interface output.

Various Pre-Defined Cabinets, Fulfill Your Applications.

AgileHub solution includes a variety of predefined configurations with multiple options for key components such as cabinets, air conditioning, power systems, monitoring system, access control, fire protection, etc. to meet your various application needs.

Precision Cooling System
  • Wall mount cooling as standard design.
  • Full range rack cooling / inrow cooling options.
  • Built in smart sensors and Web/SNMP/RS485 monitoring access.
  • Work up-to 55C ambient temperature.
Rack System
  • Multiple types cabinets idear for Telecom and micro data center applications.
  • Built-in separated cold/hot air management add more efficiency.
  • Configured with front/rear door for easier operation and service.
  • Rugged metal support frame provide max 1500kg static loading capacity.
DC/AC Power System
  • Wide range 48VDC Rectifier and modular UPS rack mount options.
  • VRLA / Lithium battery by configuration.
  • Special UPS type Lithium battery pack, plug and play.
  • Basic/Smart PDU per configurations.
  • Built in power distribution panels configurable to T1~T4 uptime level.
DCIM System
  • Full communication to UPS, cooling, power panel, and all type of sensors.
  • Integration with access control system.
  • Rotation bracket mount host, do not occupy U space.
  • Remote accessible from web, SMS, Email, Modbus-TCP.Optional with SNMP.
Access Control System
  • Multiple lock open methods including RFID, Digital Input, mechanical key, and remote access control type.
  • Same size with normal IT rack lock for easier installation and integration with existing rack system.
  • Integration with access control system for easier management.
Fire Protection System
  • Standard rack mount design, easy to be installed within the cabinet.
  • Early fire detection system.
  • Built-in Smart controller,activation sensors,releasing valves for easier fire detection and management.
  • Fire agent of Novec1230/FM200.

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