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AgileRax 2.0 – IP55 Micro Data Center Solution

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As industry leaders, we continuously innovate and optimize our Micro Data Center to provide best-in-class energy efficiency and a wide range of flexible configurations.

With our cutting-edge solutions, we offer unparalleled performance and reliability, making us the ultimate choice for your data management needs.

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Secured Protection

  • IP55 rated IT environment, excellent dust resistance and noise reduction capabilities, Anti-condensation design, ensure quiet, secure and stable operation.
  • Smart 3in1 ( PIN / Finger / RFID ) Door access system, prevent unauthorized entry.
  • Real-time equipment status monitoring and alarm, avoid delayed response.

Energy Efficiency

  • Various efficient inverter precision air conditioner options provide energy-saving solutions.
  • IP55 rated built-in cold/hot aisle containment, provide more efficient thermal management.
  • Intelligent monitoring system continually Optimized energy management strategy, substantial reduction in the PUE value.

Smart Monitoring

  • Full sensor communication, all-in-one real time management center, minimizing downtime.
  • Support multiple protocols and remote access for easy centralized management and continuous monitoring, enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility.
  • Upgraded software interface, more suitable for operation insights.

High Flexibility

  • LEGO-style modular design allows for easy customization and expansion.
  • Factory prefab and plug-and-play design enable easy deployment and relocation, reducing setup time and effort.
  • Highly compatible local management system can be flexibly integrated into your existing BMS system for remote centralized management and monitoring.

Your Configuration, Define by Yourself

MDC with Top Package Cooling

3k – 6k MDC fully integrated with closed rack, package cooling, UPS, battery, power distribution, security, monitoring and fire systems.

No complex piping of remote condenser installation.

MDC with Row Package Cooling

5k – 10k MDC fully integrated with closed rack, package cooling,  UPS, battery, power distribution, security, monitoring and fire systems.

No complex piping of remote condenser installation.

MDC with Rack Split/Package Cooling

3k – 10k MDC fully integrated with closed rack, rack mount cooling, UPS, battery, power distribution, security, monitoring and fire systems.

Modular rack cooling flexible for rack oriented MDC plan, expansion and deployment.

MDC with Row Split Cooling

6k – 20k MDC fully integrated with closed rack, split cooling, UPS, battery, power distribution, security, monitoring and fire systems.

Row cooling seamless integration with rack row and capacity expansion.

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The Integrated Systems

Various types IP55 rated cooling solution can be placed to a location that is in the row or top or builtin the IT rack,  removes heat and creates appropriate working temperature and humidity environment for critical IT equipments, while consumes lower energy benefiting from fully closed enclosure and hot/cold air management design.

Emergency ventilation system opens in case the cooling falls in failure.

Rack mounted & Modular UPS(Uninterruptible power supply) system provides good power quality protecting IT equipment from poor power conditions and power outages. 48VDC power system for telecom communication equipments.

Matching with battary system which is configurable with backup time from 5 minutes to 4 hours to guarantee business continuity.

Monitoring System

Smart monitoring system fully communicate with UPS, cooling, power, and all types of sensor, integration with access control system, provided real-time data at all times.

Supports remote web access, email alert, SMS alert, and modbus-TCP integration.

Rack System

IP55 rated fully closed rack system provides safe space for IT equipments, which is noise cancelling, thermal insulated, and dust proof.

Special double layer transparent front door design prevents condensate and offers status indication of IT equipments.

Security System

IP55 rated 3 in 1 (fingerprint/pin/RFID) access control system effectively prevent unauthorized entry including invasion, water and dust. And supports user management and logging records.

Camera system provides remote video monitoring to learn assets status in any time of situation.

rack mount automatic fire system of AgileRak Micro Data Center
Fire System

Rack mounted fire system automatically detects system fire status, and release the built in FM200 gas to extinguish the fire.

Early stage fire detection system sends alarm before the fire causes any damage.

Expansion with Freedom

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