2019 Predictions of Data Center Industry

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At the end of 2018, while we are planning the year of 2019, we collected several industry predictions from the reliable sources. For your kind reference.

NetworkWorld – 10 predictions for the data center and the cloud in 2019
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1. Edge computing matures but needs a business model
2. Water cooling expands
3. More AI to cover for human error
4. Data-center growth continues
5. Workloads move from endpoints to data centers
6. Microservices and serverless computing take off
7. AWS and Google focus on hybrid cloud
8. Bare metal continues to grow
9. It’s a year of reckoning for Oracle
10. Cloud providers battle for desktops

Gartner – The top 10 infrastructure and operations trends for 2019
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1. Serverless computing
2. AI impacts
3. Network agility (or lack of?)
4. Death of the data centre
5. Edge computing
6. Digital diversity management
7. New roles within infrastructure and operations
8. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) denial
9. Talent management becomes critical
10. Global infrastructure enablement

Schneider – 2019 data centre industry
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1. Regional edge data centers keep growing
2. Need for speed in building hyperscale data centers
2. Worlds of IT and telco data centres colliding
3. Liquid cooling is coming
4. Data centre management moves to the cloud

Vertiv – top 5 data centre trends for 2019
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1. Simplifying the edge
2. Workforce revolution
3. Smarter, more efficient UPS systems
4. Pursuing normalisation
5. High-power processors and advanced cooling

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