Ashrae’s New Thermal Guideline Update: A New High Density Trend

The most recent version of the ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines includes a new class of IT equipment called the H1 envelope. The H1 envelope is a new class of IT equipment that was introduced in the 2021 ASHRAE Thermal Guidelines. H1 systems are high-density systems that tightly integrate a number of high-powered components, such as server processors, accelerators, memory chips, and [...]

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Ashrae Application Guide for Edge Computing

While the edge computing is getting more and more attention from industry, Ashrae is also diving into this topic with a application guide <Edge Computing: Considerations for Reliable Operation>, which applies to below edge data centers per Ashrae suggestion: • Modular data centers fabricated from steel shipping containers • Prefabricated edge pods • Small stand-alone brick-and-mortar data centers • Phone-booth-sized [...]

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