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WiseAir – Perimeter Precision Cooling

WiseAir Perimeter Precision Cooling System

Verified Reliability

Product platform designed and fabricated by 16+ years of R&D and 20+ years of manufacturing then delivered to your site with verified reliability. 

Full Digital Intelligence

The key components are modulated and controlled by the intelligent controller, and accessible to user through web, display, and SNMP/Modbus protocal.

Optimized Efficiency

Designed with sin-shape evaporator coil and maximized filter surface and true modular frame, the unit gains top performance in compact dimension.

Deep Customization

With the experienced know-how R&D team and professional R&D tool, Attom can design and built the right tailored cooling solution for your specific project. 

5kW – 200kW Full Models

WiseAir Perimeter Precision Cooling
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Design Highlights

compressor for wiseair copeland scroll type
Reliable Compressor

Scroll compressor from top brand confirms the reliability and performance of cooling system.

Green refrigerant R410A.

EC fan of SmoothAir energy efficient and speed adjusting
EC Fan

Airflow volume modulated automatically per server requirement.

Redundancy design for enough airflow if one fan fails.

Intelligent controller for cooling system with full sensors and full access
Intelligent Controller

Digital control with inverter compressor, EEV, indoor EC fan, outdoor inverter fan/EC fan.

Full sensors implemented for AI analysis and preventive maintenance.

Aixis Fan for SmoothAir Owlet type lower noise
Owlet Low Noise Fan

Axial Fan with owlet design featuring low noise and great efficiency.

Step-less speed adjusted by inverter controller.

Resources Download

Product Brochure
WiseAir Perimeter Precision Coolng Brochure
User Manual
WiseAir Perimeter Precision Coolng User Manual