IoT and Micro Data Center for Enterprise Needs

At Attom, we strongly believe the values of IoT, that when all the sensors and the edge applications are connected and functioning, they will create the values far more than we imagine. And when this wave comes real, the micro data center will be everywhere. This is also predicted by Deloitte, who clearly stated this trend in this report: "Enterprises [...]

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Business Opportunities of Edge Computing for Hardware Companies from McKinsey

Do you know the edge computing hardware business values 200Billion USD in next 5-10 years per McKinsey estimation? What business opportunities you may benefit in this industry wave? Check here what McKinsey detected the more than 100 use cases and 11 sectors that will adopt edge computing technology. Why edge computing is important for so many industries and what drives [...]

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When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution

We happily prepared an industry application guide: <When Micro Data Center Meets Edge Computing Revolution> for your kind information. Download here. Happy new year and wish you a great 2019 to start! Why Edge Computing Needs Micro Data Center? For many services, however, placing micro data centers on the edge is not just a matter of convenience, but necessity. Self-driving cars, [...]

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Clearing the Fog around the Edge Computing, Report from 451 Research

Key findings of this report: Edge computing is already the default paradigm for many industrial applications given that the majority of these applications predated cloud computing. This alone will make it a ‘safe transition’ technology (in contrast to centralized cloud models) for operational technology professionals hesitant to adopt IoT solutions. Edge computing offers considerable benefits to latency-sensitive applications by performing [...]

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