Business Opportunities of Edge Computing for Hardware Companies from McKinsey

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Do you know the edge computing hardware business values 200Billion USD in next 5-10 years per McKinsey estimation? What business opportunities you may benefit in this industry wave?

Check here what McKinsey detected the more than 100 use cases and 11 sectors that will adopt edge computing technology.

mckinsey edge computing for hardware company
Why edge computing is important for so many industries and what drives behind the edge computing?

  1. Varied connectivity and data mobility
  2. Need for real-time decision making
  3. Localized compute power
  4. New storage and security needs
  5. Intermittent power

They calculate 107 application industries use cases and the business values of hardwares including sensors, on-device compute/storage, and edge computers in self-contained micro data centers. Together with the edge computers needs, the micro data centers are soon to be everywhere in the factory, in the warehouse, in the cell-tower, and outdoor in the mining field.

edge computing use case

Its believed that edge computing soon will be everywhere, and create values for all of us. Its worth the efforts who would like to pay an role of leader in their industry. Check here to see the detail paper from McKinsey.

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