IoT and Micro Data Center for Enterprise Needs

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At Attom, we strongly believe the values of IoT, that when all the sensors and the edge applications are connected and functioning, they will create the values far more than we imagine. And when this wave comes real, the micro data center will be everywhere.

This is also predicted by Deloitte, who clearly stated this trend in this report: “Enterprises are increasingly complementing their cloud-based IoT solutions with edge computing to accelerate the pace of data analysis and make better decisions, faster.”


In the end the report, Deloitte suggests to start with micro data center to simplify the deployment, and gives us this take aways: “IoT devices and the data they can provide are changing the world and how we interact. Much of the connected-consumer IoT world resides primar-ily on the cloud largely because of its copious benefits. However, in most cases an IoT solution will involve some mix of the edge and the cloud. Bringing it to the edge can alleviate latency, boost scalability, and increase access to information so that better, faster decisions can be made, and orga-nizations can become more agile as a result.”.

Check the report here. [Source]

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