The Fourth Wave Rises: Edge Computing

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Edge computing has ushered in the fourth wave of computing. This distributed compute model executes data analysis and processing close to the data source. According to Gartner, 20 billion devices will make up the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020. Approximately 6 billion of those devices will be dedicated to driving efficiencies in business, healthcare, science, and government. 1 This explosive growth in the number of devices has led to an even greater explosion in the creation of data. In this same time that the industry sees 20 billion connected devices, we see between 35 zettabytes (ZB) and 45 ZB of data generated by 2020. That number should rise to over 150 ZB by 2025.

The four waves of compute:

edge computing

MI&S believes organizations that deploy cloud models will embrace distributed compute as the need for real-time analysis becomes an essential key to success. While edge farms (IoT devices connected to server and networking for real-time processing) will be cloud connected, the performance requirements of this real-time analysis will dictate the local collection, storage, and transformation of raw data into actionable intelligence and micro decisions.
MI&S believes the edge computing market will eventually overtake traditional IT and cloud in terms of shipments and revenue.

Main content:

  • Edge computing : managing traffic based on real-time intelligence.
  • Edge computing versus Fog computing.
  • Types of modular data centers.
  • Micro data centers deliver server environments that can withstand extreme environments.
  • Intelligent edge design principles.

The “edge” has evolved from millions of connected devices generating ZB of raw data to billions of devices controlling our world from streets to factories to hospitals. We believe organizations of all sizes can benefit from deploying intelligent edge solutions that can take raw data and transform it into actionable intelligence. These solutions can yield cost savings, increased reliability, reduction in threats, and greater levels of compliance around data integrity and sovereignty.

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At attom, We believe that the era of edge computing has arrived. We are already engaged in this wave, and Contributed to our strength.

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