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Condensate: Important but Neglected Issue of Micro Data Center

Micro Data Center (MDC) products are designed to meet the needs of modern IT infrastructure deployment, to achieve rapid construction and optimized management. MDC adopts an integrated design to package multiple key systems such as rack, uninterrupted power supply, precision cooling, DCIM & local monitoring, and security systems, as a total pre-engineered solution. MDC products with the above features are [...]

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Questionnaires for Micro Data Center Design

The micro data center is a standalone data center has all the functions of a traditional room type data center. Its quite different from traditional data center building method. As a trusted professional partner of Micro data center (MDC) products, what questions and information shall you ask and collect from customers? Check below the question checklist we prepared for you [...]

Better Protection of Micro Data Centers with Intelligent Access Control System

Security for micro data centers is especially important as the Micro Data Center products are often used in unattended or open scenarios, other than traditionally in a controlled dedicated room. That's why at Attom we adopt the most advanced access control systems to protect your valuable IT assets. Multiple access method: fingerprint, password and RFID; Personnel rights management; Remote door [...]

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TIA Position Paper – Edge Data Centers

Data center is facing enormous challenges and opportunities brought by new technologies and new demands. The development and application of 5G, AI and IoT technology put forward new requirements for data center. We need to rethink how traditional data centers are designed and deployed. To meet the needs of low latency and localization, deploying many smaller distributed data centers, often [...]

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Requirements of Server HW for Edge Computing

With the rapid development of 5G technology, high-bandwidth and low-latency network transmissions are possible, which will bring more edge computing scenarios to the ground. Faced with distributed edge computing scenarios, power distribution, cooling, monitoring, and IT hardware are all different from current cloud computing infrastructure. In OCP summit, NOKIA has proposed server hardware solutions for application scenarios of edge data [...]

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What Is Micro Data Center

When people think about the data center, they always think that in a very large building. There are a lot of cabinets neatly arranged, cabinets filled with servers, and servers are shining positive light. It looks cool. A data center is a dedicated space within a building, or a group of buildings used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. What is [...]

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How to Maximize Your IT Space of Containerized Micro Data Center

With the vigorous development of 5G, IoT, edge computing and other information technologies, the data center industry is in a period of rapid development. The micro data center oriented to edge computing will promote the faster and better landing of edge computing, and promote the information process of the whole society. AgileCub Container Edge Data Center adopts SmoothAir hanging wall [...]

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Edge computing VS cloud computing

Deficiencies of Cloud Computing Big data transmission: It is estimated that by 2020, each person will produce an average of 1.5GB of data per day. As more and more devices connect to the Internet and generate data, cloud computing with central servers as nodes may encounter bandwidth bottlenecks. Immediateness of data processing: According to statistics, driverless vehicles generate about 1 [...]

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Micro Data Center Market Size 2019-2025

  The micro data center market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 24% from 2019 to 2025. Rise in the installation of self-contained and modular facilities by telecom operators is a major factor driving the market growth. Telecommunication companies require low latency and scalable solutions to enhance network connectivity. With the increase in the penetration of 5G [...]

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