Tier Standard For Micro Data Center

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In the critical site infrastructure of data centers, the Tier standard released by Uptime Institute is currently the most widely used grading standard in the world to evaluate the capacity and availability of data center systems.It provide an objective and effective way for professional designers, data center operations staff, and managers to determine the expected performance of different data center infrastructure design topologies.

Now, with the rapid development of edge computing, the process of Micro data center commercialization will also accelerate. It seems necessary to apply the Tier standard to Micro data center.

What is a micro data center?

Micro data center, a self-contained converged IT and facilities solution that incorporates compute, network, storage, power, cooling, security and unified management control, has become an answer to this challenge in that they are easily installed, self-contained, scalable and remotely managed, to provide customers a ideal solution for distributed local IT and edge computing applications.

micro data center

Micro Data Centers are the turnkey solution for enterprise and SMB clients. Small enough to deploy anywhere, sturdy enough to support enterprise-class racks gear independent of building cooling with integrated power, cooling, security and access control. The standardized modules make it flexible to integrate and pre-test everything in a factory environment, forming from half cabinet to multiple cabinets, and quickly delivered with the all-in-one portability.

How does micro data center need to be designed to meet the Tier standard?

In the past, Tier standards were mostly used in medium and large data centers, and relying on a professional team to complete complex overall architecture design, but in the micro data center, due to its productization and prefabrication characteristics, manufacturers may need to complete the design. For the micro data centers, we have a topology definition that satisfies the Tier standard.

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