Micro Data Center Vendors at CeBIT 2018: Attom Technology

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On June 14th, 2018, Attom Technology participated in the CeBit2018 exhibition in Hannover, Germany. This year’s CeBIT exhibition focuses on the eight cutting-edge technology topics of artificial intelligence, internet of things, virtual reality, security, blockchain, drones and driverless systems, future transportation and intelligent robotics.

Cebit attom

Attom Technology brought a full range of micro-modular data center solutions for edge computing, from cabinet-level edge data centers to row based edge data centers to container edge data centers. The Attom micro data center uses a complete set of infrastructure components to form a integrated and portable IDC room. The core components include standard IT equipment cabinets, full DC inverter precision air conditioners, modular UPS uninterruptible power supplies, backup batteries, power distribution management systems, and monitoring and management systems to form a plug-and-play complete computer room system.

cebit attom micro data center

The Attom micro data center also includes indoor, outdoor, and container solutions, which can be rapidly deployed for the needs of edge computing different application sites, ensuring the smooth applications of distributed edge IT services in multiple scenarios.

With the rapid development of industrial Internet of Things, intelligence video analysis, 5G high-speed communication, and innovative applications in the driverless industry, the application of edge computing will become more and more extensive. Edge-type data center infrastructure facilities are also proposing new requirements: wider applicability and flexibility, standardized modular design for easy duplication and expansion, remote management and monitoring, while achieving the lowest total cost of ownership for multiple sites applications.

Attom micro data center solution uses standardized subsystems, including 3k-50k modular UPS components, 7AH-200AH battery components, 2.5kW-40kW modular precision air conditioning components, standardized cabinet structural components, and a variety of sensors + Bus architecture monitoring and management system. Flexible solution configuration for different project requirements, with a combination of standardized subsystem particles, to achieve a variety of overall configuration options.

Cebit Attom Micro Data Center

Attom had an extensive and in-depth communication with industry customers from all over the world, as well as other players such as Rittal, nVent, Heat & Cloud, Safewell etc., with the pursuit in heart to create more value for partners and customers, at the same time contributing the industry innovation.


Contact Attom

Website: http://attom.com.cn
Email: frank.xu@attom.com.cn
Phone: +86 135 9025 1125
Whatsapp/Skype: +86 135 9025 1125
Address: 06# Yangchong Road, Shenzhen, China


About Attom

Attom Technology specializes in the research, development and delivery of smart micro data centers. Together with forward-looking team, Attom integrate resources from industry to build micro data center products that help simplify IT systems.
Attom micro data centers products are designed for small to medium size or distributed sites looking for quick, easy, economic and intelligent IT infrastructure solutions .


About CeBIT

CeBIT is the world’s largest information and communication engineering exhibition. This year’s CeBIT was held for the first time in the summer. The new 2018 CEBIT has more than 2,800 exhibitors, more than 600 speakers and 10 lectures and 370 start-ups from Europe, Africa and Asia.

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