Attom helps Trans-Pacific Telecom Operator build cable landing stations, escorts the international Internet

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It is precisely because of the existence of the global Internet that we are no longer restricted by geographic location, and we can keep in touch with the world anytime, anywhere, and obtain the events that are happening everywhere. If data is the blood of the future digital society, then the global submarine optical cable is undoubtedly the main artery in the blood vessels of the Internet. It eliminates the information islands and connects the world together, bringing new vitality to human society.

Cable Landing Station


As an important component of the optical cable transmission link, the cable landing station plays the role of monitoring the submarine optical cable and transferring the data after the optical cable landing. In the current environment of rapid digital development, the amount of data is growing at an alarming rate, and more submarine cables need to be laid to transmit larger-scale data.

Newly built cable landing stations are usually located at the seaside and there are no ready-made civil facilities for the landing stations. Especially for small and medium-sized landing sites, the use of traditional civil engineering models will obviously increase the cost, and the construction period is lengthy, affecting the progress of the launch. Once the landing site is migrated, it is necessary to repeat the construction of the site again, resulting in waste of resources.

Now, an Trans-Pacific Telecom Operator is using Attom AgileCub prefabricated data center solution to build cable landing stations, reducing input costs and accelerating online speed.

container data center

How does the Attom AgileCub solution impress customers?


container data center

  • Prefabricated modular

The AgileCub solution uses a plug-and-play design, based on the container, and prefabricated integration of internal systems, including AC/DC power system, cabinets, cooling, monitoring, fire protection, and security. The modular design of the component support system has no Seam expansion, including container box.

  • High reliability

The design, production and testing of prefabricated AgileCub products are completed in the factory, and every link is strictly controlled to verify the reliability of the system.

  • High protection ability

AgileCub has excellent protection capabilities. The products have passed UL 1440 hours of strict salt spray test. The high corrosion resistance is suitable for coastal environments. It has a dust and water resistance of up to IP65. It supports multiple protection capabilities such as bulletproof, shockproof, fireproof, windproof, and anti-riot. , Can protect the landing station of the optical cable in all directions.

  • High space utilization

100% utilization rate of the internal space of the container body, using the Attom SmoothAir wall-mounted air cooling, using the push-pull design to meet the transportation and use requirements, does not occupy the internal space of the container, compared with conventional container solutions, can save 1-3 IT cabinets s position.

  • Mobility

The use of ISO standard containers can be conveniently transported in global seas and highways; decoupling design with civil engineering facilities, when it needs to be relocated in the later period, it can be directly hoisted and transported, and it is installed and used again on the ground.

AgileCub, which has so many advantages in one, is sure to stand out from many brands and win the trust of customers.

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