Disruptive Data Center Technologies from Uptime Survey

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The data center industry is keep evolving, and  there coming new technologies updating the industry to a better level. Uptime shared us an excellent survey about the disruptive data center technologies from industry experts and CXOs. You may find how fast and how likely from the technologies map of the industry top professionals expect these technologies trends.

Disruptive Data Center Technologies

The top 3 technologies are Distributed resiliency, Chiller-free datacenters, Micro-modular datacenters. The distributed resiliency and micro-modular data center are very much aligning with the edge computing trend in the industry, which is believed as the next wave of IT architecture innovation following Cloud era.

Disruptive Data Center Technologies_Uptime

The full disruptive data center technologies list is:

  1. Distributed resiliency
  2. Chiller-free datacenters
  3. Micro-modular datacenters
  4. Storage-class memory
  5. Datacenter management as a service
  6. Silicon photonics
  7. Open source infrastructure
  8. Software-defined power
  9. Direct liquid cooling
  10. Datacenter as a machine
  11. Datacenter microgrids
  12. Application-optimized datacenter
  13. Post-silicon computing

The detail presentation could be viewed here. [Source: 7x24carolinas]

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